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Kamis, 30 April 2009

Breast Cancer: Steps That Can Curb The Menace

It is true that your body has the propensity towards dreaded diseases like cancer through genetic make up. But it is also true that environmental factors act upon it and make you more vulnerable for the disease. Breast cancer patients are no exception. You can take certain actions to reduce the chance of getting breast cancer. These preventive measures are definitely easy to take to avoid the dreaded consequences later. Especially the modifiable risk factors can certainly be avoided, though the non modifiable factors like genetic make up cannot be avoided.

The women’s health and fitness after forty can take dramatic turns if she is not vigilant about her body. Instead those women who are keen to pursue normal health undergo proper screening tests after forty, thus reducing their risk of late cancer detection by large percentage. Let’s see some of the preventive factors that you can exercise easily:

(1) Limit alcohol: Yes, excess alcohol puts you in high risk category for acquiring breast cancer. Limiting alcohol to less than 1 drink daily and total abstinence can do marvelous job to prevent breast cancer.

(2) Don’t be overweight: Well, women with excess weight especially after menopause are victims of breast cancer. There may be some connection between production of estrogen in fatty tissue and breast cancer. Try to embark on diet and exercise regimen along with some good healthy supplement like acai berry weight loss supplement to be within healthy weight limits.

(3) It is observed that breast cancer is more likely in women with sedentary habits. No doubt it adds to weight also. Therefore, have good exercise at least 30 minutes a day and stay away from harmful effects of breast cancer.

(4) Fat consumption: there has been definitive evidence that states the link between fat intake and breast cancer. It is seen that invasive cancers are rare in women who eat less fat. Those who consume less than 35% of fat of their daily caloric intake are at low risk of developing breast cancer.

(5) Avoid hormone replacement therapy for long term: It is seen that short term hormone therapy during menopause does not exert much of negative influence on your body. But if it is continued for long period, you run a risk of developing breast cancer. Try to manage your menopausal blues by other options and try limiting your hormone therapy for shorted period of time by consulting your doctor. (6) Avoid overuse of antibiotics: when the antibiotics were used for longer duration, there was high risk of developing breast cancer according to many studies. Therefore, do not consume them without specific need and doctor’s advice.

(7) Limit exposure to pesticides: There has been found a link between excessive pesticide exposure, excess pesticide residue in breast tissue, and development of breast cancer. Though exact relation is not known, it is better to take care to avoid long standing pesticide exposure.

(8) Do mammograms every year once you cross forty years of age. These mammograms help you identify the precancerous stages early and the treatment becomes much easier with great prognosis!

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