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Selasa, 10 Maret 2009

Turmeric And Skin Cancer-Early Study Results Show It Could Help Sufferers

These days many more natural remedies are being sought for what ails us, which includes some thought provoking data between the herb turmeric and skin cancer. Some recent research has shown it to be beneficial in both the stages of prevention and during treatment.

The medical experts tell us that diet and lifestyle are big influences on who catches any one of a hundred different types of cancers. With skin cancer a lot can be attributed to our love of sunbathing and the skin damage which is as a result of over exposure.

Some of us heed the advice of health experts in limiting the time spent in direct sunlight, especially for babies and younger children, while others disregard it or foolishly believe it won't happen to them. The sensible ones have discovered that using dietary and nutrient knowledge can give them a preventative edge and reduce the risks of getting the disease.

One such piece of ammunition is a spice called turmeric, and it's extract curcumin which apparently has good tumor suppressing powers. One U.S. study whilst not carried out in humans or animals but in laboratory dishes found the herb to cause the melanoma cells to self destruct. It addition, it was quick to comment on the fact that those taking curcumin on a regular basis also have lower rates of some cancers.

We now await more news and future clinical trials on turmeric and skin cancer in both humans and animals, typically in mice. The good news is that this herb extract is more readily available in dietary and nutritional supplements, so that old adage of prevention is better than cure rings true once again.

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