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Jumat, 13 Maret 2009

How to Attract Cancer Women

In order to attract cancer women you must understand a bit about this zodiac sign. Cancer is a cardinal water sign characterized by its moody and sentimental behavior. Cancer women need emotions. They thrive on that!

To attract women cancer women you need to stimulate her emotions by starting a conversation that will get her emotional. This could be a conversation about her family, romantic stories, or talking about fond memories of her childhood. By talking about sentimental topics which arouse her emotions you will be able to attract cancer women. You should also try to frequently spend time with her, because the more she sees you the more comfortable she will be around you and it will be easier to start a conversation. You want to make her feel comfortable because cancer women tend to be more suspicious and guard their feelings more then others normally would. You will want to remember that when you are trying to gain the interest of a cancer woman. She will also be guarded about spending money, so try to avoid situations where the issue of payment comes up.

When it comes to physical looks cancer women are more attracted to tall Nordic types who look good in a suit. If you fit into this category your odds off attracting cancer women are above average but your looks are not the determining factor in attracting her. If you want to attract her, you will need to to do as mentioned above, show her that you are a sensitive person just like she is.

Cancer women are also sensitive to the environment they are around and will be responsive if the atmosphere and mood is right. If you and her are around good food , some candles, and the right music you will definitely be in a good position to win her over. Be careful not to tease her too much because she has sensitive feelings and you will likely end up hurting her. If you make this mistake you will likely not get another chance. These are some great methods to attract cancer women.

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